PSN Appears To Be Down Again Worldwide As Users Report Login Issues [Update]

Sony’s PSN service has been on a string of bad luck recently. It was down for a while last month due to DDOS attacks and it seems to be down again now, due to unknown reasons.

Reports are coming from reddit, Twitter and DownDetector, as well as online forums, that PSN is currently facing issues and is offline. Users are unable to play their games online, and can’t login into their PSN account.

The current issue seems to spread worldwide and does’t appear to be specific to a region. People are reporting that they can’t access the service in UK and Australia. It definitely appears to be more of a worldwide issue instead of a single region this time around.


Sony recently released a new firmware update for the Vita and the PS4 was also set to receive a new firmware update soon. This was a big firmware update that is going to add plenty of new features to the PS4, and was announced at E3 this year.

Update: It is back online.

If you are one of the user who is having issues with PSN, let us know in the comments below. We will update this article once we receive an update about the state of the service.

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