PSN Is Currently Down As Some Services Are Experiencing Issues [Update]

Update: Sony has managed to fix the issue now and the service should be running as usual. If you are still having trouble with it, wait a while as the fix is rolled out worldwide.

PSN looks to be down as users are reporting that they are unable to login into their PSN accounts or play online multiplayer on their PS4.

Sony has confirmed this on their official status page. If you are getting an error code CE-34861-2 when attempting to connect to PSN, this might indicate that the service is currently experiencing an issue.

This is not the first time PSN has been down, however the last downtime was quite a while ago, and it looked like if Sony had found a solution to the downtime issues, even if temporarily. Since there was no maintenance planned around this time, this is an unexpected downtime.


You might not be able to access the friend’s list on PSN or play games like Destiny and Bloodborne online on your PS4. The service that is experiencing issue is “Gaming and Social” as listed on the official status page.

Gaming and Social
Affected Platforms: PlayStation 4

Affected Services: You may be experiencing issues related to launching games, applications, and/or social features such as trophies, messaging, or friends list. We appreciate your patience while we address this.

Status: Thursday, April 2nd 2015 10:10 am PDT

Hopefully Sony is able to resolve this issue soon so users can get back to playing their games online.

We will update this article once PSN service is fully restored, meanwhile you can share your experience with us in the comments below.

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