PSN Name Change Is Finally Happening But You Might Lose Your Progress – Rumor

If you want to change your PSN name, this could be happening soon because of the changes being made to the network behind the scenes.

PSN users have been asking Sony for a name change for a long time now, however, this is something that hasn’t materialized yet. Back at PSX 2017, PlayStation’s boss, Shawn Layden hinted that the ability to change PSN names could be coming soon. It has been a long time since that tease but rumors started to surface with the major updates to PSN and now another insider has chimed in with another new hint.

According to Tidux, PSN name change is happening but it will come with a caveat. If you have a PSN profile from the PS3 days, you will lose all your progress from the saves, trophies to possibly games. He later clarified that only the progress made during PS3 will be lost, and you will keep all your PS4 data including trophies.

As it stands with all early leaks or rumors, we advise taking this with a grain of salt. Sony hasn’t officially announced a new PlayStation hardware but rumors are already brewing about a PS5 being in development, which won’t be unusual. But the major changes to PSN seem like they might tie to the new hardware launch so we will have to wait for a while before Sony can announce any such changes officially.

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