PSN Servers Go Down Unexpectedly, Sony PlayStation Working On A Fix

PSN servers are currently down worldwide. The official PSN website and support account have confirmed that the service is affected and they are working on a fix.

First, if we go to the official PlayStation Network status page, we can see that the servers are indeed down from there. Everything from Account Management to services like PlayStation Vue and PlayStation Music is down.

Once you get into the support account, Ask PlayStation, on Twitter, you can see that they have tweeted out the issue and confirmed that they are working on a fix for it.

Website DownDetector also has a huge surge of reports from all over the world that confirms the downtime is not just restricted to a specific location but it is spread across the globe. As for the solution or fix for this server downtime, Sony hasn’t given any estimated time for the fix. It is best to wait until the issues are resolved first instead of trying to sign into the servers again.

Update: It Is all back up now and working smoothly, at least as per the official status page.

If you are having any issues with the PlayStation Network or PSN sign-in, let us know in the comments below. In the meanwhile, we will keep this article updated with any new information as soon as it arrives from Sony PlayStation.

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