PUBG console update 12.2 released; patch notes for PS4 and Xbox One

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds or better known as PUBG got the update 12.2 for the console version of the game. The new update brings a lot of new changes, which includes a new map and much more. Read all of the patch notes below.

PUBG console update 12.2 released; patch notes for PS4 and Xbox One

PUBG update 12.2 brought a new map called Taego. With Taego PUBG is going back to its of an 8×8 map just like Erangel. Taego has different kinds of terrain and environments, with many towns, compounds, and unique points of interest across the Battleground. Taego also has wildlife, for example lookout for flocks of birds which will react to player movement and gunfire, giving you a potential early sign of danger ahead. Comeback BR and the Self AED are two new gameplay features exclusive to Taego, giving players a chance to get back into the fight. You can find the new map in the featured playlist available as Third Person and First Person. Solo, Duos, and Squads, including 1-man Squad Modes are available. It supports up to 100 players.

New PUBG map Taego added in update 12.2

In PUBG update 12.2 a new mechanic has been introduced. Comeback BR is a second-chance mechanic exclusive to the Taego map, which allows players who die during the first Blue Zone phase the chance to drop back into the match again later into the game.  It is reminiscent of the Gulag feature from Warzone where players who die have a second chance after competing in the Gulag. So similarly in Comeback BR players who died during the first Blue Zone phase battle it out in the Comeback Arena, a location seperate from the main Taego Battleground. Survivors who remain alive long enough in the Comeback Arena are transported by helicopter back to the Taego mainland in phase 3 to resume their fight for the Chicken Dinner.

Similar to Comeback BR, the Self AED is another Taego exclusive second-chance mechanic, giving players another chance to stay in the fight. The Self AED is a world-loot item that allows players to revive themselves when DBNO, without the need of a teammate, and can be used in Solo, Duo, and Squad matches.

new self revive mechanic added to PUBG in update 12.2

There have been many other changes and fixed made to the game in PUBG update 12.2, you can read all of them here.

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