PUBG Runs At 1080p On PS4, 1440p On PS4 Pro, Has Visual Parity With Xbox One

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is out now on PS4 and PS4 Pro. How well does the game run and compare to the Xbox One version?

PUBG launched in a terrible state on the Xbox One and even the superior hardware of the Xbox One X didn’t manage to offer an experience on par with the PC release. After almost one whole year, the game is still a mess and full of jank on the base Xbox One, although Xbox One X is much better in this regards and runs it at native 4K.

Digital Foundry has shared their tech analysis on the PS4 version and there doesn’t appear to be any visual improvements at all on the base PS4. It runs at the same state as the base Xbox One albeit with better performance. The resolution of the game is 1080p on the base PS4 and 1440 on the PS4 Pro. There are enhanced textures available on the PS4 Pro while the textures are a blurry mess on the base PS4 for certain surfaces.

The frame rate is not exactly stable on either of these platforms. It can drop during the opening jump from the plane and there are some frame pacing issues that can manifest during exploration. The game also runs at 30 FPS on both platforms.

The visual parity with Xbox One is perhaps the most shocking one because PS4 is more powerful than Xbox One but there is no use of its power for PUBG. Both consoles run it at 1080p with the same visual flaws and drawbacks, although the PS4 has a slightly better average frame rate.

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