PUBG Update Version 1.45 Full Patch Notes 7.2 On May 26

PUBG update version 1.45 is available to download now for PS4 and Xbox One. Here are the full patch notes for this update.

PUBG update 1.45 for PS4 adds the official update 7.2 content. It is also available on Xbox One. The full detailed changes can be found here while PUBG update 1.45 patch notes can be seen below.

PUBG Update Version 1.45 Full Patch Notes 7.2 On May 26

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the issue where character could slide abnormally when going through specific steps
  • Fixed the issue with Gas Cans sometimes not exploding even after reaching 0 HP
  • Fixed the issue with Glass in small square windows does not break when punched with fists
  • Fixed minor graphical issues with the appearance of sights when attached to the Tommy Gun
  • Fixed the issue with crosshair location isn’t synced when the character being spectated aims while leaning left


  • Fixed missing texture in Castle, Vikendi
  • Fixed some floating objects in Goroka, Vikendi
  • Fixed the issue with movement blocked at building entrance in Yasnaya Polyana, Erangel
  • Fixed the issue with being able to see through a specific aircraft object in Sosnovka Military Base, Erangel
  • Fixed the issue with multiple doors stacked on top of each other in certain buildings on Vikendi
  • Fixed the issue where character can enter 2F of specific building on Erangel
  • Fixed the issue with inside of specific building is visible in Volnova, Vikendi


  • Fixed an incorrect kill message on Karakin  ‘killed by BZ signal grenade’
  • Fixed an issuing causing the health bar to display incorrectly when using healing items
  • Fixed the issue with spectating players status UI in the minimap not instantly changing
  • Squad members PUBG ID’s are missing from Last Match summary


  • Fixed the volume adjustment of teammates not working correctly
  • Fixed an issue with AWM bullets not making sound when impacting ice
  • Fixed the issue with sound of grenade not working correctly when it bounces continuously in mud material

Skin & Item

  • Fixed the clipping issue with Jockey Boots
  • Fixed the issue when wearing a coat and holding a Panzerfaust the character’s waist area shakes excessively
  • Fixed the abnormal flashing effect of Level 1 helmets on the ground
  • Fixed the issue with a specific AKM skin not being exchangeable for BP

PUBG is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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