PUBG: What is the Guru Challenge?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has designed a quiz called the Guru Challenge to find the ultimate PUBG Mobile fan. Are you also interested in being a part of the PUBG Guru Challenge? Read on to find out more.

PUBG developers Bluehole have limited this challenge to players in the USA. You can, however, participate in the quiz but you will not be able to win the reward because its eligibility criteria require you to be located in the USA.

What is the PUBG Guru Challenge?

The PUBG Guru Challenge is a quiz for the PUBG Mobile fans. The quiz has a total of 10 round and every round has 10 questions. You get a chance at winning the PUBG Mobile Swag Box as a reward.


Although the quiz is limited to the USA, still you can participate from any part of the world and test how much you know about PUBG Mobile.

How to win PUBG Mobile Swag Box in Guru Challenge?

To get a chance at winning the PUBG Mobile Swag Box you will require the perfect score. The perfect score is when you give the right answer to every single question in the quiz correctly. Even if you get a perfect score, there is no guarantee that will be rewarded will the PUBG Mobile Swag Box.

Tips for getting a perfect score in PUBG Guru Challenge

The PUBG Guru Challenge isn’t as easy as it looks so here are a number of tips to help you get a perfect score:

  • Which ammo is required by which weapon
  • Seating capacity of vehicles
  • Memorize maps and town names
  • Research the map sizes
  • Memorize the detail of updates (For Example: When was a weapon added)
  • Item limited to specific maps

This quiz aims to find the top PUBG Mobile fans so you need to be prepared for every question. Every question is designed to make you fail unless you actually know all there is to the game. This all on PUBG Guru Challenge. If you have any more question then leave a comment below.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile is available on iOS and Android.

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