Public beta for Destiny hinted as a pre-order bonus from selected retailers

At first, it wasn’t confirmed that Bungie will run with a public beta for it’s upcoming title “Destiny” coming to both current-gen and next-gen platforms.

Visiting the site, we found a “BETA” tab at the site next to news. Clicking on it was a dead end. After looking closely at the page source for Destiny’s News section on the website and searching for the keyword “Beta”, we found an instance that showed that:

Pre-order Destiny at select retailers and receive admission to the Destiny Beta. Play it first. Become Legend.

Apparently now the site is not showing the Beta tab and has removed every thing was found in the page source. But we do have a screenshot for the tab for you below. The mention of the beta and tab only appeared on Canadian and UK versions of the site.


According to a question asked to Bungie’s community manager David Dague, known as “DeeJ”, about pre-order bonuses he replied that there certainly will be and the news will be announced very soon.


We can expect the news to be announced by the end of this week. No release date has been announced as of yet but it’s most likely to be released in the 2nd quarter of 2014.

Stay tuned at Gear Nuke as we’ll update you piece by piece when more info becomes available.

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