Quantic Dream’s Detroit Development Started In October 2013, Uses A Brand New 3D Engine

Quantic Dream has finally revealed their new game for the PlayStation 4. As we saw at Sony’s Paris Games Week conference, this new game builds on the concept of the “Kara” technical demo by Quantic Dreams and features a science fiction universe where we play as an Android.

Judging from the Linkedin profile of various employees of Quantic Dream, we can learn that the game started its development in October 2013, which means it has been in development for more than 2 years now. Could Detroid possibly see a release in 2016?

detroid-development-timelineDetroit’s director David Cage has confirmed that they are creating this game on a new 3D engine. He stated the reason for a new engine as maximizing the potential of a new console hardware.

Detroit is featuring a brand new 3D engine. We love to do one engine per game, which is a bit crazy, but the idea is of course to really leverage the power of the console and really try to offer visual experience and a gameplay experience that will be hopefully much better than the previous generation consoles.

NeoGAF user dragonbane has discovered that David Cage is not the sole writer/director for Detroit, unlike the past Quantic Dream games. Hopefully this means that the writing and story will be better this time around, since these are usually the main complaints thrown for past Quantic Dream games.

Detroit is currently in development exclusively for the PS4.

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