Quantum Break Gameplay To Be Shown at VGX?

In a recent interview with Polygon, Phil Spencer talks about Quantum Break’s development and how Remedy’s Sam Lake is ready to show a gameplay demonstration of it. Phil Spencer also hints at the expected reveal of the gameplay stating “Maybe VGX would be a good place for that”.

Quantum Break is an Xbox One exclusive from the creators of the acclaimed Alan Wake on Xbox 360 and PC. It blends live action videos with gameplay. The premise is fairly interesting and involves time travel mechanics. Our hero can look into the future and use this ability to make his choice in the past. We haven’t gotten a look at the actual gameplay yet and if we take the word of Phil Spencer, we might be looking at a gameplay reveal soon at the VGX, which are scheduled for 7th December, 2013.

Spencer was also asked about other exclusive projects for Xbox One like Halo 5 and the new IP from Black Tusk Studios but he had nothing new to share about them. “We really just wanted to announce [at E3] that the studio was up and running and they were doing something” says Spencer.

But he did promise a gameplay reveal for Quantum Break soon.

“We did a pretty deep dive [on Quantum Break] last week while we were in Europe, and I’m feeling really good about the creative. It may be before the end of the year when we talk more about what the story and the gameplay is… We have a pretty good piece that I’m trying to coerce people into putting out before the end of the year … showing the full Remedy vision, with Sam [Lake] giving a pretty good description of how the game works with some new gameplay footage.

“Maybe VGX would be a good place for that.”

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