Quantum Break To Get Another Xbox One X Update To Fix Graphical Bugs

Remedy Entertainment released an Xbox One X update for Quantum Break with the launch of the console that seemed to add 4K support, however since it was the work of just a single developer, the update wasn’t free from issues. It had some graphical bugs that might not be noticeable in general but were overall blemish on the excellent 4K support for the game. This issue is going to be fixed soon as confirmed by Remedy Entertainment Community Manager, Thomas Puha.

The tweet posted by Thomas Puha confirms that they are working on fixing these graphical glitches which is a good move from Remedy Entertainment. Quantum Break is graphically rich game that also offers some gorgeous rendered visuals and with the support for Xbox One X, now fans can play it at 4K on their console. It remains to be seen to what extent the new update will fix the issues that were introduced in the 4K update.

Quantum Break originally launched for the Xbox One and Windows 10 back in 2016. The game was the next major project by Remedy Entertainment after Alan Wake and received a a lot of hype for it due to the hybrid nature of the game with a TV show, however it didn’t manage to get that much critical acclaim leading to a mild disappointment for fans of the studio.

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