Does Quantum Break run at 720p in its current build? [Update]

In its presentation from SIGGRAPH 2015, Remedy went into detail regarding individual technical aspects of its forthcoming Xbox One exclusive, Quantum Break. The developer shows individual computations for Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO) and lighting, both of which are rendered at 720p.

The presentation slide in question can be seen below.


Since SSAO is a screen space effect, it would seem that the game may be running at 720p in its current build, possibly only for the purpose of this presentation. However, given that it is not yet known whether the Ambient Occlusion is calculated individually on low-resolution buffers, it can’t really be inferred with certainty that the game outputs an internal framebuffer at 720p.

quantum-break-e3-2014 (1)

That said, given the heavy use of post-process effects and overall ambitious nature of Quantum Break’s technical makeup, it may well be the case that compromises to image quality are made in order to get the game to run at a stable frame rate on the Xbox One.

It’s likely that a developer from Remedy will step forward and offer some clarification on the matter. Until then, let us know what you think of this information in the comments below.

[Update] The notes included in Remedy’s presentation confirm our speculation that, while certain screen-space effects such as ambient occlusion and lighting are calculated on 720p buffers, the final image is rendered at 1080p.

Our final image is 1080p but screen-space lighting is evaluated at 1280×720.

While we had indeed speculated that this may be the case, we would like to apologize for any confusion that the original story may have caused.

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