Quantum Break Steam Version Fails To Generate Sales

It seems that Remedy Entertainment’s action-oriented platformer, Quantum Break has failed to increase its sales. Despite Microsoft’s decision to put the game on Steam, Steam Spy showed that its sales figures look far from promising.

Analyst Daniel Ahmad, in June stated on twitter that the game was unable to sell 200k units at US retail stores and was not received well in Japan either. Even Forbes stated that the game was getting mixed reviews from users. Some called it ‘special’, while others used words like ‘disappointing’ and ‘frustrating’ to describe it.

These facts were rather shocking because at the time of its release on April 5 this year, Quantum break was said to be Microsoft’s best selling new IP, and was widely praised among commentators as a brilliant successor to Remedy’s Alan Wake.


Steam Spy showed that currently around 55,017 people own the game. During the last two weeks approximately 24,880 users were recorded to play Quantum Break, who played an average of four hours, 20 mins. These figures have decreased in the past couple of days from a total of 31,554 owners of the game, who played for an average of five hours (four hours, 52 minutes to be exact).

Quantum Break‘s incapability to generate high sales reflects Microsoft’s poor strategy as these statistics are surprisingly low for Microsoft’s new IP title’s launch on Steam.


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