RAGE 2 Official Teaser Trailer Leaked Before Full Reveal, Shows Logo For The Sequel

RAGE 2 was one of the leaked games from the Walmart Canada leak. After the leak, Walmart quickly removed it from their website however the whole list had already made it online. RAGE 2 was later teased by the official RAGE account and even Bethesda officials starting chiming in the leak which hinted at an official announcement soon.

The official Twitter account for RAGE had teased that the game might get a trailer on May 14th however before it has been released, a short teaser trailer for RAGE 2 started to appear on the official PlayStation Store. This was later captured by fans and uploaded to YouTube.

This short teaser trailer contained mostly live action footage but hinted at the return to the post apocalyptic setting for the sequel. The logo has also changed color and it seems to be in a pink shade now. There was no actual gameplay in the video hence it is hard to say what kind of gameplay improvements are expected here.

RAGE was a first person open world shooter by Bethesda Softworks. It was the last project by John Carmack, the founder of id Software. It was one of the first games to feature the new id Tech game engine which was then subsequently used by Wolfenstein, The Evil Within and DOOM.

RAGE 2 was rumored for the PS4, Xbox One and PC if we go by the Walmart leak. The trailer doesn’t reveal any platforms so we will have to wait for the official reveal which is due later today.

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