Rainbow Six Siege Devs Have No Plan For A Sequel, Active Player Base Is Still Growing

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege has turned out to be an extremely successful game for the developer Ubisoft. It has started Year 3 of free content drop for all users along with the announcement of new version of the game being released at retail. In a developer panel held at the 2018 Invitational Finals, some comments were made on the future of the game and any potential sequel along with its userbase.

The full panel was live steamed today and can be seen here. It has been summarized by reddit user URZ_ so you can find out all the important details below in case you don’t have the time to watch it.

  • No sequel is planned. They literally said they were there to stay for 10 years, tho i’m not sure how literally that should be taken.
  • The active player-count is still growing, 27 million total players. (Might include people who played during free weekends)
  • 8 new operators are coming in Year 3. Goal is still hitting a 100 operators eventually.
  • Changes coming to the standard edition. You will now start with all 20 legacy (original) operators unlocked.
  • In the future all weapon attachments will be free and unlocked from the go.
  • The problem child that is starter edition will go from 4 free operators to 6.
  • They are adding new Data-centers in South Africa and South Europe.
  • Pick and Ban is coming for operators in Pro-league. Bans are for the whole game.
  • Pro-league will be 1 team attacking 5 times followed by the other team attacking 5 times.
  • They will be working hard on improving the Pro-league in general. They are first of all reworking the observation tool.
  • Some maps will be renovated and rebalanced. Bomb-mode will be the focus for map design. (Extremely good in my opinion.)
  • The map “Yacht” is coming back to casual.
  • The Map “Hereford” will be the first map to be reworked.
  • Every season (at least that is the goal. Changes will ship when ready) a map will receive a buff. Small changes that should help improve the meta on the map, mostly through improving specific objectives to make more bomb-sights viable.
  • First map to receive a buff is “Clubhouse”. Bar-room and Top floor will both be buffed. They are aiming for season 2 as the goal for completion.
  • Esports is there to stay.
  • Lan-competitions will happen. Dreamhack got name dropped but didn’t catch the context.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is currently undergoing a free weekend on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It will end of February 20th and the full game can also be bought at a 50% discount during this time frame.

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