Rainbow Six Siege Will Recieve Another Year Of Content

Following the recent teasers regarding the two brand new Operators, and the new map, heading to Rainbow Six Siege with the upcoming Operation Red Crow expansion, Ubisoft has now given some new details regarding the future of the game.

In a Tweet from the official Rainbow Six Siege Twitter handle, the developers have now announced that the highly popular game will continue to receive new content for another whole year. They also thanked the players who have stuck with the game till now.


What makes this move surprising is that since the release of Rainbow Six Siege back on 1st December, 2015, the game has already received three major expansions, namely Operation Black Ice, Operation Dust Line and Operation Skull Rain, with the fourth expansion Operation Red Crow arriving next week. And all of this content has been free for all players at no additional cost.

Taking this into account, it is likely that any future content for the game will probably have a price attached, especially now that Ubisoft is running out of incentives to support the game for free. This is however pure speculation as of now.

Rainbow Six Siege's Operation Red Crow Arrives Next week

Operation Red Crow is set to arrive as soon as 17th November, 2016 for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC. You can also check out the two new operators, Hibana amd Echo, here.

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