Rainbow Six Siege’s Operation Red Crow Arrives Next week

After multiple teasers regarding the newest update for Rainbow Six Siege, Operation Red Crow, Ubisoft has finally given us an exact date for the release of said update.

Arriving next week, Operation Red Crow is the fourth major update for Rainbow Six Siege, and will bring with it three core new pieces of content. First up is the Skyscraper map set in Nagoya, Japan that features traditional Japanese architecture amongst a jungle of modern buildings on all sides. Clustered structures all around will encourage close range combat, and the only point of entry for the attackers is through the helipad.


Next up are the two new Japanese S.A.T. operators that we have seen over the past week, called Hibana and Echo. Not much else is known about the operators as of now except that Hibana utilizes a unique grenade launcher-like weapon and that Echo uses a drone. You can learn more about them on their respective articles.

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The new Skyscraper map and gameplay features will be available for all players starting on November 17 for free. Season pass holders can access the two new Operators as soon as November 17, with all other players being able to unlock them using Renown or R6 credits on the 24th.

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