Ranking the Call of Dutys

Call of duty is a franchise that has been around for years, some good and others not so much.This list ranks the Call of Dutys from 4 and up in order. Keep in mind this is my list, and you are entitled to your own opinions.

1. Black Ops


The peak in the series. This game nailed the 3 aspects every call of duty game should have, Great Campaign, Great Multiplayer, and Amazing Zombies/Survival. This brought the memorable maps that are still being played and remade in newer games. The Zombies Mode in this game is what made this game blow all others out of the water. Nothing is more memorable than four friends trying to survive endless waves of zombies. Now this isn’t the game that introduced zombies, but its the one that perfected it. Black Ops added many new features to zombies such as Easter Eggs, More Wonder Weapons, and better perks. “Those who look only to the past, or the present, are certain to miss the future” -John F. Kennedy on the map “Five”. The campaign and multiplayer were spot on as well, the guns just felt right. Nearly perfecting the three elements of a Call of Duty game is what gets this game the top spot on the list.

2. Modern Warfare 2


The apex of Call of Duty multiplayer is what people refer to this game as. The hours people poured into this game are endless. Modern Warfare 2 introduced many people to the Call of Duty franchise and remains one of the best multiplayer shooters. The campaign in this game is usually overlooked but it is also pretty great. The guns in general all felt like real weapons and I couldn’t find one map I disliked.

3. Modern Warfare


This game set the bar for Call of Duty games. Infinity Ward nailed the FPS look and feel with this installment. From the action packed campaign all the way to the rank up multiplayer system, this game set a standard for FPS games everywhere and certainly helped make Call of Duty what it is today.

4. Black Ops 2


Black Ops 2 multiplayer was one of the bests in the franchise. It was the first to bring futuristic warfare to Call of Duty. Many later followed in its footsteps but it still remains champ. The campaign was set a couple decades after Black Ops took place. It kept me guessing throughout the whole thing, not to mention multiple endings made your choices during the game feel much more consequential. Zombies Mode is what made this game hinder towards the edge a bit. It tried to do what black ops did so well and re-imagine it. Most of the maps were mediocre but a few shined above the rest.

5. Advanced Warfare


Advanced Warfare is shaping up to be an amazing Call of Duty. New features and mechanics like the Exo Suit make this feel like a totally new and unique Call of duty game.  Like so many shooters coming out right now the Exo suit gives you the ability to “Exo Jump” which allows you to move across the map through the air.  This mechanic is what makes this game special and the fluid movement reminds me of Titanfall, which is a compliment.  With the dlc season just getting started this game has huge potential. Exo Zombies are a different take on regular “Treyarch” zombies and feel like they are there own beast. Havoc was great and I am exciting to see what other dlc they have in store for us. Kevin Spacey also killed it in the campaign, pretty much personifying “Frank Underwood” under a different name. Sledgehammer did a great job with this one and I look forward to what they bring in the future.

6. World at War

World at War was the first to introduce Call of Duty zombies to the world. This innovation is what sets this game apart from the bottom two games. The simplicity of the game mode is what made it so fun. Survive, that is all you had to do , fight off endless waves of the undead with you or with friends. The multiplayer in this game had its moments but was not the most balanced. Also the campaign I didn’t find all that intriguing, although it did inspire me to try other shooters.

7. Modern Warfare 3


Modern Warfare 3 was not what I had hoped for out of a Modern Warfare game. The campaign was mediocre and the multiplayer maps, for the most part, were bland. Though, like most other Call of Dutys, it did have its moments. There were some unique game modes in the game that I really enjoyed. All or Nothing, Chaos Mode, and even Infected were all pretty fun. The negatives outweighed the positives though and that earns it the number seven spot.

8. Call of Duty Ghosts


This game is at the bottom of the barrel for a reason. The multiplayer was boring , Extinction Mode was alright but never really had me hooked, and it was overall very bland.  The campaign is the only thing I can call a good part and that isn’t even full-hearted since the ending was pretty bad. Infinity Ward tried there best during the season to keep players hooked but it really wasn’t enough. E-Sports ending up being the only reason people played this game during its time.

Well that pretty much wraps up my list from top to bottom. If you have your own list share it in the comments, I’d love to see them.

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