Ratchet and Clank PS4 Reboot: Insomniac Explains Reason For Delay, Promises In-Game Screenshots Soon

Ratchet & Clank PS4 Reboot was delayed from its initial 2015 release date to Spring 2016. The game is now expected to launch alongside the movie, which is now scheduled for April 29 2016 release.

Since the game was originally supposed to get a release in 2015, this delay angered a lot of fans who took it over Twitter to complain about it. Insomniac Games explained the reason of the delay stating the movie as the main reason.

Insomniac Games Community Manager James Stevenson also talked about the reason for delay, stating that they always intended for the re-imagining of the game to be released close to the movie.

It boils down to finding the movie a great distributor and aligning with their schedule for proper promotion of the film. That’s all done with Focus and the April 29th, 2016 date for the film.

We always intended the re-imagining of the game to be released close to the movie, as they share elements of the origin story, so the game is also coming Spring 2016.


Lastly Insomniac Games Ryan Schneider promised in-game screenshots from the game soon.

Good thing Ratchet’s fur looks awesome in both! Wait til you see the in-game screenshots! Coming soon.

He also revealed the studio which is developing this reboot and we learn that the game is being developed in collaboration with both Insomniac Games studios.

Production has been largely led by our NC studio but both studios have collaborated.

Ratchet and Clank PS4 reboot is a complete re-imaging of the original game. The movie will detail the origin while the game will likely follow the story from the movie.

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