RAZER To Release A Messenger App For Pokemon GO Players Very Soon

Gaming peripherals company, RAZER, is coming out with a new messenger app for Pokemon GO users. The app is specifically developed for Pokemon GO users, and allows them to chat with other Pokemon GO players around them.

Razer have named the new messenger app, RazerGO. RazerGO is a location-based messenger that allows Pokemon GO users to communicate with other users in their vicinity. RazerGO can also be used to chat with Pokemon GO users that are located in a different region. The app allows you to chat with people not only in your neighborhood, but all over your region and the whole world.

Razer GO

The app also allows you to switch between public and private chats. Private chat allows you to communicate with your team member. This, team based chat, allows to flawlessly execute team objectives, with ease.

Razer guarantees that the app is both, stable and reliable, and runs smoothly with minimal disruptions. Razer will be adding a Beacon Chat feature at a later date, that will allow a user to drop a beacon in an area. This will setup a micro-chat channel that will allow users to rally their team members for any team objectives, or to let them know about the location of a rare or legendary Pokemon.

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This app will make Pokemon GO a lot easier to play, and will make things a lot more convenient for players. RazerGO will soon be available on both iOS and Andriod, however, a web version of RazerGO is available now.

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