Ready at Dawn Sees The Order: 1886 Delay As Good News

We recently found out that one of the most highly anticipated games of 2014, The Order: 1886, will be delayed till February 2015. This year, the press got to play the game at an event, they were more then disappointed with the game because of the lackluster  gameplay. After it was official that The Order: 1886 was going to be delayed till February 2015, the CEO and Creative Director of Ready at Dawn, known as Ru Weerasuriya told The Escapist that the delay should not be frowned upon. Instead, people should be happy that the game is being delayed so that no one is disappointed with the final product and he also said “we see it as good news.”

People might be disappointed by the delay and may think that this is bad news, but a true gamer knows that delays like these are good for the game. Ready at Dawn were not happy with the game so the delayed it and that is completely understandable because they were giving it their all when it comes to The Order: 1886, to get the best result possible.

The Order: 1886 has been delayed till February of 2015 and it will be available exclusively on Sony’s PlayStation 4.

Abdullah Raza


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