Ready at Dawn Not Aiming for 60 Fps for The Order: 1886, Will Target 30 Fps Indeed

Ready at Dawn has confirmed that they are not aiming for 60 fps for The Order: 1886 on the PlayStation 4.

In a latest interview to Play3, Ru Weerasuriya talked about The Order: 1886 gameplay and other details. According to Ru Weerasuriya, they are aiming for 30 fps on PlayStation 4 and the highest possible HD resolution. He thinks that 60 fps is essential for Fighting Games and First Person Shooters but their aim with The Order: 1886 is to present a more cinematic experience. Hence they are targeting 30 fps instead of 60 fps. This will also allow them to polish the graphics and showcase spectacular effects.

The Order: 1886 will finally receive a proper gameplay reveal on 19th February. There is no confirmed release date for it yet but we do know that it might be heading for a fall 2014 release, based on an earlier statement made by the Founder of Ready at Dawn.

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