Ready at Dawn’s The Order 1886 Engine Targeted PC/PS4, Check It Out Running At 60 FPS On PC

The Order 1886 uses a custom in-house engine made by Ready at Dawn. This is actually a multiplatform engine that can be used to develop games for the PC and PS4 among other platforms.

In their SIGGRAPH 2015 presentation, Ready at Dawn explained their real-time lighting solution for The Order 1886. Since the game doesn’t allow any sort of camera control during cutscenes, Ready at Dawn used this to their advantage and added various dynamic light sources to add depth to the scene. The light sources were all added manually depending on each of the requirements of the specific scene.

You can see their engine in action on PC in the screenshots below. It is also the first look at The Order 1886 running on PC at 60 fps. Ready at Dawn lists the target platform as PC and PS4 here, which confirms their earlier statement that The Order 1886 wouldn’t have been possible on any other platform other than PS4, and obviously the PC.

ready-at-dawn-engine (1) read-pc-slide

In their technical presentation, Ready at Dawn explains how they implemented real-time lighting for The Order 1886 using their scripting editor, as seen in the screenshots above.

Just to highlight the basic building blocks of this system, here you can see our scripting editor and the game running on PC. You’ll notice there is a light set block listed for each shot in the sequence.  It is enabled for that duration, and then disabled.

The scripting editor provides live updates for the game, running in real-time on PC here. This same scene is then matched in Maya with each of the different light sources matched to the one seen in the scene. Maya, in turn, is connected to the game on both PC and PS4, allowing the developers “full real-time editing of lighting from Maya to the shot” in game.


Ready at Dawn also showed a comparison for The Order 1886 revealing the difference between Volumetric Lighting turned on and off. As seen below, they really add some depth to the overall tone of each scene. (Left = Volumetrics off, Right = Volumetrics on)

The Order 1886 was released on PS4 in February 2015. It started development in 2011 and was made using a custom in-house engine by Ready at Dawn.

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