No Real Xbox One In Some Stores Due To Overheating In Display Cases [Update]

The Xbox One is just weeks away from its launch into the wild and the arms of gamers. The Xbox 360 was initially plagued with overheating problems that led to a hardware failure, popularly known as RROD or Red Ring Of Death. This hardware failure led to the design of the Xbox One to be fully vented as we saw in a dissected Xbox One; it contains a huge cooler inside of it to prevent such overheating problems. Apparently, not all conditions can be tested now can they?

A NeoGAF user, LeeRoyBrown, commented that his store just got an Xbox One demo unit to be displayed to the masses. What’s more noteworthy and surprising here is that the Xbox One that is showcased in the store is a shell of the Xbox One which is running Windows Media Player showcasing Xbox One games. The Games Coordinator of the store was expecting a real demo unit for the Xbox One for the store to display but was told that the Xbox One overheats in display cases which is why they got the shells for the Xbox One. These display cases are cut in half, meaning you can’t see the whole console from the sides unlike some of the display cases which showcase the whole demo unit along with a controller for the input. However there is still no solid proof of overheating. This could be because they might have run out of demo units for the stores. Take all this with a grain of salt. Of course, any gadget running all day long in small casing may get overheating issues. These issues are unlikely to appear when the device is being used by the consumers.

What do you think about all these rumours of overheating issues? The PlayStation 4 suffered from the same kind of rumor that it was overheating in display cases and displayed a red line on the system to indicate hardware failure. Do you believe that from the current-generation, manufacturers might have understood the concept and environment of overheating of their consoles and might have or have indeed improved upon them? Let us know in the comments below.

UPDATE: One of the store’s employee on NeoGAF clarified that these are not the actual demo units and only display stands that are being provided to many stores at the moment. These display stands serve as a stand in for the time being until the stores officially receive the demo units to be showcased. He also mentions the reason for these display stands to go early without a proper demo is because many stores had to reset their gaming sections.

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