ReCore Gets A Brand New 30 Minute Demo

For those of you not yet sure if you wanted to invest in a copy of ReCore, good news is afoot. 

Developed by Comcept and Armature Studio, the ReCore demo is only available for a limited time, and will be accessible for both the Xbox One and Windows 10. Those who decide to buy the full game after the end of the demo, can pick up right where they left their game off, and all progress and Achievements will be reflected in the full game.

Recore E3 2016

Set 200 years in the future, after Earth has been ravaged by a mysterious disease known as the Dust Devil Plague, ReCore tells the story of Joule Adams, a volunteer for the colonization of the planet of Far Eden. Joule wakes up after centuries in deep cryo-sleep to find out that things may not have gone as initially planned, and attempts to uncover the secrets behind why the mission actually failed.

Xbox One Exclusive 'ReCore' announced

Released on 13th September, 2016, ReCore is now available exclusively for the Xbox One and the PC.

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