Is ReCore getting a Windows 10 release?

A developer who is currently working on Armature studios’ ReCore as a senior/principal designer has listed the game for both the Xbox One and PC on his online portfolio. It is further stated that the 3rd-person action adventure game is being developed in partnership with Keiji Inafune, exclusively for Xbox One and Windows 10.


The listing on the developer’s official site can be seen below.

Developer: Armature Studio
Platform(s): Xbox One, PC

ReCore is an upcoming 3rd-person action adventure game being developed in partnership with Keiji Inafune, exclusive for Xbox One and Windows 10. In ReCore, you play one of the last surviving humans and team up with a variety of robot companions to travel through a hostile and mysterious world. Having just been announced, I am not at liberty to post any more details about the game just yet, but Microsoft has big plans for the game and the IP over the coming year.


Furthermore, a job listing from Armature studios states that the game company requires trained engineers, artists, and designers in the use of the Unity 3D engine for the content pipeline of a video game for the Xbox One and PC. It’s highly unlikely that Armature is simultaneously working on two games at once, so the possibility of a Windows 10 version appears to be the most likely scenario, especially with Microsoft’s current vision of a unified ecosystem and synergy among its platforms.

We’ll keep you posted regarding any official announcements in this regard. In the meantime, let us know if you’d be interested in a PC version of ReCore in the comments below.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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