Red Dead Redemption Is Finally Coming To Xbox One Backwards Compatibility

One of the most requested games for backwards compatibility, Red Dead Redemption, is finally coming to Xbox One. The game has been one of the most demanded titles on the console ever since the program launched back in November, and now the wait is almost over.

Rockstar Games has announced that Red Dead Redemption will officially become backwards compatible this Friday, July 8th. Those who own the game on the Xbox 360 will be able to play it on the Xbox One regardless of which version of the game they own, the original game, Game Of The Year Edition or Undead Nightmare. Those who don’t own any of the game’s version will be able to purchase it on the Xbox One starting Friday.


Earlier this year, Red Dead Redemption was made available on Xbox One due to an error. Despite not being announced as an official addition into the backwards compatibility program, the game was up for download, though it was later removed.

The release of the title has also rekindled a lot of rumors. For those who don’t know, the internet has recently been abuzz with speculation about a possible sequel to Red Dead Redemption. The rumors were also accompanied by an apparent leak of the in game map, as reported by Techradar. Perhaps this release is an indication that an announcement may be coming.

Red Dead Redemption originally came out in May of 2010 and was quickly recognized as one of the greatest video games of all time with a 95% rating on Metacritic. Considering the success of the game, it only makes sense for Rockstar Games to release a sequel, and fans of the franchise are eagerly awaiting an announcement.

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