Red Dead Redemption Sequel Is In Development For PS4/XBO, Has Focus On Co-Op – Report

Red Dead Redemption sequel might not come off as a surprise but its existence has yet to be officially confirmed. Although there are plenty of rumors relating to the sequel being in development at Rockstar. Now a new rumor has started on gaming forum NeoGAF. A user who has ties to someone inside Rockstar has confirmed that the game is in development, and it will have focus on co-op.

So I spoke to an insider at Rockstar who confirmed that Rockstar is indeed developing a sequel to Red Dead Redemption for PS4/Xbox One.

Don’t have a lot of concrete details but expect co-op to be integrated and focused on.

As it is usual with such leaks, you should take this with a grain of salt. Although this news won’t be surprising, as there were already rumors pointing towards a new Red Dead in development for the next generation consoles.

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