Red Dead Redemption To Be Officially Added To Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Soon – Report

Red Dead Redemption was accidentally available to some Xbox One some time ago, after it was known that the game can be installed using an exploit. The Games on Demand version of the was reportedly up for download on the Xbox One but it was quickly removed by Microsoft, however not before some users managed to download and install it on their Xbox One.

While Red Dead Redemption still hasn’t been confirmed to be a part of the Xbox One backwards compatibility yet, we do have a screenshot of conversation from tech support that confirms that the game will be added to Xbox One backwards compatibility soon.


This conversation confirms that Microsoft might release the game on Xbox One backwards compatibility soon. Once it is officially available, users who own the game either digitally or retail can install it on their Xbox One and enjoy this western epic from Rockstar Games, which has received several game of the year awards in 2010.

Aside from Red Dead Redemption, Alan Wake: American Nightmare also appears to be in consideration for backwards compatibility and the game is still playable through an exploit that allows users to download an install it, unlike Red Dead Redemption. Microsoft has managed to remove Red Dead Redemption and replaced it with Hexic HD for those who are still trying to download it through the exploit.

Red Dead Redemption was out in 2010 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It was developed by Rockstar Games who are famous for their Grand Theft Auto series. It was one of the top rated game in 2010. The game has never been released for the PC and considering its troubled development, it is highly unlikely to get a remaster treatment for PS4 or Xbox One.

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