Red Faction Might Be Coming To The PlayStation 4

Released back in 2001 for the PlayStation 2 and the PC, Red Faction is a first person science fiction shooter that takes place on Mars. This game is also the first title in the highly popular Red Faction franchise which consists of critically acclaimed titles such as 2009’s Red Faction: Guerrilla.

And now, fifteen years after the game’s initial release, Red Faction might be coming to the PlayStation 4. This information comes courtesy of the PEGI (Pan European Game Information) board’s website, where the game has a listing for a release on the console this year.


One thing of note is that the release date stated on the website is for 18th October 2016, which could possibly mean that this whole thing is false. At the same time, we should also keep in mind that the PS2 game Red Dead Revolver was released on the PS4 earlier this month as well, so another game making the generation jump might not be too far off.

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Set on Mars in the year 2075, the game places players in the role of a miner named Parker as he spearheads a rebellion against the tyrannical Ultor Corporation. One of the main draws of the game was the GeoMod technology engine, which allowed players to massively alter and destroy surrounding environments and buildings with the use of explosives and the like.

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