Remedy boss quits, Quantum break still “on track”

The CEO of Remedy Entertainment, developer of the upcoming Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break, has announced his departure from the studio. Matias Myllyrinne has been with the team for around 15 years.

Speaking in an interview with, Myllyrinne said that the studio “is in good standing and will go on to great things.” He went on to praise Quantum Break and said that the studio has been working diligently to create the kind of game that everyone is expecting.

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According to Myllyrinne, the game being pushed to 2016 was the result of a change in market strategy and release timing, and there are no development hurdles. As far as he is concerned, the game is still “on track” for release next year.

It looks great and is coming together nicely on schedule. We moved the project out to 2016 to avoid some of the holiday rush in the market and within Microsoft’s portfolio.

Personally, I think there is more runway for a new IP like Quantum Break in 2016 than in the crowded holiday spot. Of course, we are making the most of the time and polishing the game.

Myllyrinne also revealed that his new role would take him to the World of Tanks studio, Wargaming. Though he didn’t mention what exactly that role would be. Meanwhile, Remedy’s co-founder Markus Mäki will take up the role of CEO from here onwards.

Quantum Break is tentatively scheduled for release exclusively on Xbox One some time next year. Stay tuned for a concrete release date for the game as it becomes available.

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