Remedy’s Sam Lake on Why Quantum Break is a ‘Perfect Match’ for Xbox One

Quantum Break is an upcoming Xbox One exclusive that is being developed by Remedy, the creators of the original Max Payne and Alan Wake. It was surprising to see Remedy going back to exclusively developing for a single platform after going multiplatform with Alan Wake on PC. Sam Lake explains why they choose Xbox One as their choice of hardware for Quantum Break.

Speaking with GameInformer, Sam Lake seems intrigued with the power offered by the new hardware and talks about how it helps them in realizing their vision.

“We are recording everything that is happening in the scene,” Lake explains. “Then we chop that into pieces and take individual objects and scrub them back and forth on their timelines as time is breaking down and can do that with anything in the scene.”

Quantum Break is a episodic game just like Alan Wake. We will be able to play the role of both, the hero and the villain. It is utilizing a unique approach to story telling, which will alternate between gameplay and live-action segments. Quantum Break was also introduced with a live-action trailer mixed with in-game cutscenes at Microsoft’s E3 2013 conference. These live-action segments are a crucial part of the game and will be available on the disc.

According to Sam Lake, the big reason why a game like Quantum Break is such a strong fit for Xbox One is because of how the system combines entertainment with gaming.

“[Xbox One] is an entertainment center and the idea of having these different mediums come together, what we are doing with Quantum Break, is a perfect match.”

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