Resident Evil 2 Key Locations; Club Key, Heart Key, Diamond Key & Spade Key Locations

In Resident Evil 2 you’ll be using different keys to access different locations in the Raccoon City Police Station, this guide will go over the locations of each of the keys.

There are four unique keys to collect in Resident Evil 2; the Blue Spade Key, Red Diamond Key, Green Club Key and Pink Diamond Key.

Resident Evil 2 Spade Key Location

The Spade Key is the first key you’ll be collecting and is found in a room on the 3rd Floor of the West side of the Police Station near the West Storage Room.

You’ll go finding the key after Marvin gives you the Combat Knife that allows you to uncover the control panel granting access to the West hallways. Continue in the hallway till you get to the Operations Room, the exit there will be locked so look for a window exit in the upper left corner roof the room. Going down the window will have you end up on the other side of the hallway, continue the path to the stairs, go up and you’ll find the Spade Key in the room just adjacent.

Resident Evil 2 Diamond Key Location

The Diamond Key is obtained in the Parking Garage section.

The key is located in the Morgue, accessed by going through the door farthest to where you entered the Parking Garage. Inside go through the Kennels, you could kill the dogs to save yourself the hassle of killing them later, then continue till the end of the hallway. In the Morgue you have to open up one of the lockers, you can open a few of them for a few items but the one with the Diamond Key is the one the opposite side and second from the left. Do note when you pick up the keys the nearby Zombie will reawaken and it could get awkward facing zombies in such a tight space unexpectedly.

Resident Evil 2 Club Key Location

The Club Key is found in the Boiler Room on the 1st Floor, which you’ll need to access through a long workaround.

Do note the Club Key is found during Leon’s Scenario.

First make sure that you have a Crank, found on one of the tables in the Jail. Go all the way back to the Main Hall and go to the East section of the 2nd Floor. You’ll find a shutter that can be opened using the crank, just to the left of the Art Room where you got the Scepter previously. Use the Crank to access the upcoming area.

Now head to the Balcony via the East Storage Room and go down the ladder to the left which you’ll subsequently fall down from. Go down some more to the area on your Left and you’ll find the Boiler Room in front of you and the Pump Controls to your right. Interact with the control, kill the Zombies and go inside the Boiler Room. There’s a smaller room just attached, inside which you’ll find the Diamond Key attached to the whiteboard.

Resident Evil 2 Heart Key Location

The Heart Key is found in the Private Collection room.

Do note the Heart Key is only found during Claire’s Scenario.

The Private Collection Room is on the 2nd Floor of the Raccoon City Police Department. There you have to collect Lovers Relief. Examining the Key Item should get you the Heart Key.

That should cover all the Resident Evil 2 Key Locations. Feel free to ask us any questions you may have in the comments.

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