Resident Evil 4, Zero, And Remake Ports For Nintendo Switch Are Underwhelming

Resident Evil is coming to the Nintendo Switch in a big way with three games getting a port to the platform. Despite being old games, they don’t seem to work out that well on the Nintendo Switch hardware.

Digital Foundry has made a video on Resident Evil 4, Zero, and Remake. This video breaks down the tech behind the games and it is disappointing to see that the ports are not that great compared to their PS4, Xbox One, and PC counterparts.

Resident Evil 4 is the most solid port but it doesn’t manage to hit 60 FPS all the time. There are frame rate drops on times and the game runs worse in docked mode than in the portable mode. It apparently renders at 600p resolution in portable and 900p in docked mode.

Resident Evil Remake and Zero are even worse because they offer long load times. Remake also suffers from frame pacing issues while the load times are extra long for Resident Evil Zero. All of this contributes to the game being a dumbed down experience than other consoles.

The loading screen in both games happens when you go through a door so, with the long load times, you will have to suffer through multiple load screens. This is in addition to their price which is $10 more expensive than the price for the PS4, Xbox One, or PC version. Lastly, if you were hoping to see Gyro or Motion controls support, there is none of it available on the Nintendo Switch.

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