Resident Evil 7: Where To Find All Antique Coins

Antique Coins are a very important collectible in Resident Evil 7. The Coins allow you to unlock Bird cages which can contain upgrades such as a Health Booster, a Reload Speed Booster, or weapons such as the Magnum.

All of these Bird cages can only be opened by using a Antique Coin, so it is very important to pick them up whenever you find them. This guide will help you find every single Antique Coin in Resident Evil 7.

Resident Evil 7

Antique Coin Locations In Resident Evil 7:

Antique Coin 1:

In order to get the first coin, you must play the first VHS tape and take control of Clancy. Once your in control of Clancy, he will be outside the Guest house with the Ghost hunters. Turn around and you will see a lockpick on the ground. Then go into the kitchen inside the house, and walk to the locked drawer on the right side.

Use the lockpick to unlock the drawer, it will only contain a picture. After you have unlocked the drawer, simply continue playing the game until you exit the VHS tape footage, and are in control of Ethan. Then all you have to do is, go back to the drawer that was previously locked, and open it. The drawer will contain the first Antique Coin of the game.

Antique Coin 2:

The second coin is located in the main house. Once you obtain the hatch key, open the hatch behind the kitchen. Crawl into the hatch and you will see a Lawnmower. The second coin can be found next to the lawnmower.

Antique Coin 3:

The third coin is located in a drawer in the main hall of the main house. Open the drawer next to the phone and you will find the third Antique Coin.

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Antique Coin 4:

For the fourth Antique Coin, you mus go to the recreation room. Find the door that leads to Grandma’s Room, as the coin is next to a bronze statue in that room.

Antique Coin 5:

The fifth coin is located near the toilet in the bathroom of the main house. The bathroom is located on the second floor.

Antique Coin 6:

The sixth coin is located in the room after the drawing room. The coin can be found on the table.

Antique Coin 7:

To get the seventh Antique Coin, you must reach the large room inside the Processing area. The room will contain cages so that’s one way to recognize it. You will see a map on the left side of the room. There will be a hole next to the map, crouch down and you will be able to collect the coin from the hole.

Antique Coin 8:

Go to the front steps outside the main house, the coin will be inside a pot near the bushes.

Antique Coin 9:

The ninth coin can be found in the trailer in the Baker’s yard. You can find it easily once you are inside the trailer.

Antique Coin 10:

The tenth coin can be found in the cellar. The coin is on the desk at the right side of the room.

Antique Coin 11:

For the eleventh coin, you must first get your hands on a Crank. Once you have one, raise the bridge over the Outhouse and you will find the coin resting on top of a toilet.

Antique Coin 12:

Obtaining this coins will require the Crow Key. You will find it once you get far enough into your Resident Evil 7 play through. Once you have it, go to the Crow Door and open it. Follow the path until you reach a point where you need a lantern. When you reach this area, start looking for drawers, as one of them will have a coin inside of it.

Antique Coin 13:

This coin is located in the Barn. Head to the barn, and be careful of the booby traps. There will be a desk, and the coin will be in one of the drawers.

Antique Coin 14:

After you collect the 13th coin, you will have a boss fight. Once you’ve cleared the area, you will get a passcode for the Party Room. Enter the small room and there will be a button that lowers the staircase. The coin is on the shelf next to the button.

Antique Coin 15:

At one point of Resident Evil 7, you will get a flashback of the people telling you to crawl through the duct. Once in the duct, proceed until you reach the point where the path splits into two. Go right until you reach the dead end, and the coin will be there.

Antique Coin 16:

A little bit after the ducts, you will reach a flooded area. You will have to climb a ladder to progress, ignore it for now and look for the coin on the left side of the room.

Antique Coin 17:

Once you are in the control room of the wrecked ship, you will find an orange box. Use a lockpick to unlock the box and the coin will be inside.

Antique Coin 18:

The final coin of the game can be found in the hall way that comes after Engine Room 1. You will need to use Corrosive to open a cabinet that has the coin inside.

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Once you pick up the 18th Antique coin, you have collected every single coin in Resident Evil 7. You can now use all the coins to open all the bird cages that you find.

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