Resident Evil 7: How To Find All Weapon Repair Kits

While playing Resident Evil 7, you will come across a few broken weapons that are unusable in combat. Some broken weapons such as the Broken Shotgun have their own unique uses, however, not every broken weapon is useful.

There is a way that these weapons can be repaired and used. All you have to do is, find a Repair Kit. Weapons are scarce in Resident Evil 7, so it is important to find Repair Kits and make the weapon usable again. This guide will help you find all the Repair Kits in the game.

Resident Evil 7

How To Find Repair Kits In Resident Evil 7:

There are two Repair Kits in Resident Evil 7. These Repair Kits are scattered across the Baker Plantation.

Repair Kit #1:

The first Repair Kit is quite easy to find, however, before you start looking for it, you must first gain access to the Yard. Once in the Yard, you will see two sets of stairs leading to the main entrance of the house. In between these stairs in a piece of metal covering a hole. The image below shows the exact location of the hole.

Interact with the metal scrap to rip it off the wall. Once you have done that, crawl into the hole and you will find a box. Smash the box with your knife and you will find the first repair kit inside.

Repair Kit #2:

To get your hands on the second Repair Kit, you must first obtain the Snake Key. Here’s a guide on how to find the Snake Key. Once you have the Key, you must go to Jacob’s Room. If you don’t know where Jacob’s room is, it is the one with the Snake door on the first floor of the main house. Simply enter the house by using the door on the left from the Yard. Once inside the house, walk up the stairs on the left side of the room and Jacob’s room will be on the right side.

Enter Jacob’s room and go to his closet. Once in his closet, look toward your left and you will see a treasure photo on a stool. Pick up the treasure photo and then go to Testing Area F2. When you reach the testing area, keep progressing until you get to the rooms with the mannequins. You can easily find the spot from the treasure photo. Interact with the Mannequin head on top of the cage to move it, and you will find the second treasure kit.

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Be very careful when you are in Testing Area F2, as it is full of explosive booby traps. The second Repair Kit is a little hard to find but it is worth the trouble. Hopefully this guide helped you find and obtain both repair kits in Resident Evil 7.

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