Resident Evil 7: How To Find The Snake Key

During your play through of Resident Evil 7, you will come across locked doors that have a weird keyhole. These doors will be different from regular doors, as they will have Snakes or Scorpios on them.

These doors can only be opened using unique keys that can be found in the Baker house. The Scorpio doors will require the Scorpion Key to open, while a Crow door will require a Crow Key. This guide will help you find the Snake Key so that you can open up Snake Doors which can allow you to get loot and upgrades.

Resident Evil 7

How To Find The Snake Key In Resident Evil 7:

You can start looking for the Snake key after you defeat¬†Marguerite. Once you have defeated the crazy old woman, you will hear the phone ring. Answer the phone and talk to Zoe. She will ask you to come to the camper in the Baker’s yard, as she is inside waiting for you.

Once you get to the camper, she will be missing. Next, you must go to the Dissection Room, and look for a dead body. Walk up to the dead body and interact with it to find the Snake Key. Once you obtain the Snake key, you can access any rooms of the Baker house which have the Snake Doors.

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This key can help you find tons of loot, and upgrades in Resident Evil 7. Hopefully this guide helped you get your hands on the Snake Key.

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