Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition – End Of Zoe And Not A Hero Review (PS4)

Resident Evil 7 is easily ranked as one of the best survival horror game released this year. It is also one of the better Resident Evil game after the divisive Resident Evil 6. While Resident Evil 7 was released at the start of this year, Capcom has now bundled all of the DLC for the game in a single edition called Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition. Almost all of the Season Pass DLC is now included in this Gold Edition including the recently released End of Zoe story DLC.

Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition launched alonside the End of Zoe and Not A Hero DLC, the former of which is a part of the Season Pass for the game, and by this extension, the Gold Edition. The latter is a completely free DLC which features Chris Redfield, the titular character from the past Resident Evil games. The issue with both these DLC is that the experience that they offer is unfortunately nowhere close to the main game.

Not A Hero DLC features Chris Redfield and it is predominately set in the in the mines, which was one of the most boring location from the main games. The issue is not just the location of the DLC, rather the enemies that are featured in it. While Chris comes packed with plenty of ammo to deal with the enemies, they are the same repetitive monsters that the player has already fought countless times in the main game, even if there are some new variations thrown in the mix. The story of the DLC is also rather boring as Chris investigates the mines in order to find the whereabouts of Lucas, one of the member of the Baker’s family, and rescue his team members from him.

The original plan for this DLC was to make it much more action oriented compared to the main game, and while the short DLC scenario features plenty of the molded enemies, it doesn’t offer the same satisfaction as the main game. Anyone who has played Resident Evil 7 might recognize that the best parts of the game were mainly in the beginning and set in the Baker mansion. The last third of the game is infact fairly divisive when the game shifts to a more action-based approach. The combination of a dull setting and repetitive enemy encounters doesn’t do Not A Hero DLC any favor here. The good thing is that it is completely free for everyone and it adds atleast 2 more hours of gameplay to the base game, so it doesn’t sounds that bad.

Compared to the Not A Hero DLC, End of Zoe is another story expansion that is set right after the main game. It features Zoe Baker as the main key character in the story but doesn’t seem to have active role in gameplay. The main character is instead played by her uncle, Joe Baker. This completely unknown character somehow ends up being a part of the main story expansion which feels like odd at first, however you will soon learn that his inclusion is meant to give the DLC a more unique touch and this is offered through the use of a first person brawling mechanics.

Joe Baker can’t really shot his way through the encounters but instead he will use his trustworthy fists and survival skills to make up for it. The gameplay might be fun with the variety of combos that you can perform by punching monsters using left and right trigger buttons, even if it all feels silly, but the story is again one of the weak point of the DLC. Joe Baker finds the crystallized body of Zoe Baker and decides to save her as he sets out on his journey. The journey to find the cure is the centerpiece for the DLC and serves more as an experiment from the developers.

Just like the free Not A Hero DLC, End of Zoe can take you atleast 2 hours to go through the story. Aside from the first person melee combat, there are also stealth segments and even a little new mechanic that allows you to craft spears. These can be used to kill crocodiles or other monsters that you might encounter during the story.

Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition comes packed in with all DLC so you won’t have to download them individually. The first two set of DLC are the Banned Footage Vol. 1 and Vol. 2, both of which don’t offer much for the story but provide new type of gameplay modes to add more replay value to the base game. In that sense, if you have missed out on the base game, this is a fantastic opportunity to jump right into Resident Evil 7. If you haven’t played the game with PlayStation VR, don’t miss out on it as it is one of the best implementation of VR in a game.

Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition – End Of Zoe And Not A Hero Review (PS4)

Game Reviewed on: PS4

Game description: Resident Evil 7: biohazard is the next major entry in the franchise. It originally launched in January 2017. Capcom later released a Gold Edition of the game bringing all of the post-launch DLC into a single package.


Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition is basically a bundle of all the post-launch DLC released for the game. There are no major gameplay improvements to be had here. The two story expansions, End of Zoe and Not A Hero, are rather disappointing especially if you have completed the base game, but they all offer their own fun unique twists on the first person gameplay of Resident Evil 7.


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