Resident Evil 7 Boss Fight Guide: How To Defeat Mia In Guest House Study And Attic

In Resident Evil 7, players will fight several powerful enemies during the course of the game. These enemies might be easy for some players, while some might have a hard time defeating them.

This guide will help you defeat Mia in Resident Evil 7. The fight is an easy one, as it mainly introduces you to the game’s combat system. It might take some time to get use to, but it is quite straight forward. You will fight Mia twice in the game, in the Study in the Guest House and in the attic.

How To Defeat Mia In Resident Evil 7:

Your fight with Mia will first begin in the Study of the Guest house, until finally concluding in the attic. This guide will help you defeat Mia in both areas.

Study in the Guest House:

The first fight against Mia is very easy. This fight will feature hand-to-hand combat only, so stay as close to Mia as you can.

The reason behind you staying close to Mia, is to make her attack you. Bait out her attacks, block them, and then counter-attack. This is all you have to do in the first fight with Mia. After doing this a few times, you will be able to defeat her.


For this fight, you will have to get a handgun and ammo. Once you have the handgun and sufficient ammo, you are ready for the fight. Now head towards the attic for your final fight with your wife.

Resident Evil 7

In this fight, Mia will be wielding a chainsaw. Unlike the previous fight, this fight will require you to maintain some distance between Mia and yourself. Her attacks will be slow, however, she will not miss an opportunity to pounce and rip you apart.

The best thing to do is go down the ladder, so that you can keep your distance. Another useful tip is to stay behind objects. This will make Mia destroy the objects in her path, before going after you. While all of this is going on, keep landing some direct shots on Mia.

Like in every Resident Evil game, the head is the main weak spot, so make sure to land a few headshot whenever you get a chance to do so. You will not have a ton of ammo for this fight, so make every shot count. If you are having a hard time landing headshots, then body shots work too. However, body shots will take longer to kill her.

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After landing a few shots, Mia kill go down. Hopefully this guide made the boss fight easier. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is developed and published by Capcom, and is available on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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