Resident Evil 7: How To Get All Backpacks For Additional Inventory Space

Inventory management has been very important in previous Resident Evil games, and Resident Evil 7 is no different. You will often find yourself having to discard items to pick up something important and useful.

Key items, weapons, ammo, etc can be found all over the game, and you will find yourself making a hard decision on what to pick up and what to discard. This guide will get rid of this problem by helping you find Backpacks in Resident Evil 7. Picking up Backpacks will increase the amount of items you can pick up by increasing the slots in your inventory.

Resident Evil 7

Where To Find All Backpacks In Resident Evil 7:

Backpack #1:

The first backpack in Resident Evil 7, can be found in the Old House. Go to the Gallery of the Old House, and head to the outside area. Turn left, and you will see a small shed. The Backpack will be on the table in front of you, right next to the save point. This will add 4 new slots to your inventory.

Backpack #2:

To find the second backpack, you must go to Master Bedroom in the main house. To enter the room, you must first get your hands on the Snake Key. For a guide on how to get the Snake Key, click here. Once you obtain the Snake key, go to the location in the image below. The Backpack is located on a shelf in the master bedroom closet.

Backpack #3:

The final Backpack is a little hard to get. You must first reach the Wrecked Ship, and get to the second floor, or Wrecked Ship 2F. Once there, look for the collapsed elevator. Crawl into the elevator shaft, and look for a hole that will take you down to Wrecked Ship 1F.

Here, you have to get to the Recreation Room. You will have to use Corrosive to get into the room, so make sure you have some. Open the door, and the final backpack will be on a table in front of you.

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Collecting all three backpacks will add 12 slots to your inventory, allowing you to carry more items. Now you will no longer have to worry about making space for other items, and loot.

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