Resident Evil 7: How To Get All Three Dog Heads And Dissection Room Key

During your play through of Resident Evil 7, you will come across multiple locked doors in the Baker House. Some of these doors will require a Key, while some doors will need a key item to be opened.

You will come across one of these doors when you are trying to gain access to the front yard of the main house. This door will require three dog heads to open it. These Dog Heads are scattered all over the Baker house. This guide will help you find all three of the Dog Heads in the game.

Resident evil 7 Dog Head Door

How To Get All Three Dog Heads In Resident Evil 7:

Dog Head #1:

The first Dog Head is very easy to find. You probably walked past it multiple times without finding it. It is located in the Recreation Room. Once you are in the Recreation Room, look towards the left side of the room while facing the bar. You will see a big book on a shelf in front of you. Pick it up and open it, and you will find the first dog head inside.

Dog Head #2:

To get the second dog head, you must first go to the main hall. Look for the Grandfather clock that has a Pendulum inside it. Take out the pendulum and go to the dining room where you first meet the Baker family while being strapped to the chair. There will be a small living room next to the dining room, with another grandfather clock in it. This clock will have the second Dog head inside it. Interact with the clock to swap the Pendulum with the Dog head and you will have the second head in your inventory.

Dog Head #3:

For the third and final Dog head in Resident Evil 7, you must first get your hands on the Dissection room key. For that, you will have to solve the Incinerator Room puzzle. You can give it a try, and there is a clue on how to solve it above the sink in the same room. If you are having a hard time figuring it out, just open the third incinerator from the left, and the last one. Doing this will open up the first incinerator.

Finish off the enemy that comes out of the incinerator and you will find the dissection room key on the incinerator bed. Once you have the Dissection room key, go to the Dissection Room. Walk up the stairs and across the pathway. You will see the third and final Dog Head hanging by a chain. Interact with the Head to take it, and get ready for a fight.

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Now that you have all three Dog Heads. Go to the main hall and unlock the door that takes you to the front yard. Hopefully this guide made it easy for you to find all three Dog Heads in Resident Evil 7.

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