Resident Evil 7: How To Obtain The Flamethrowers

Some boss fights in Resident Evil 7 require a specific weapon to beat, like your second encounter with Jack Baker requires you to get your hands on a Chainsaw, in order to defeat him.

Similar to that Jack Baker boss fight, your fight with his wife, Marguerite Baker, will require a Flamethrower, known as the Burner in Resident Evil 7. The Burner is a weapon that can be assembled by collecting the two parts required to make it. This guide will help you located both parts, and assemble the Burner.

Resident Evil 7

How To Obtain The Burner In Resident Evil 7:

Both of the parts required to assemble the Burner are located in the Old House. You might have come across one of the parts on a pile of trash while playing Mia in one of the VHS tapes.

The first part is called the Burner Grip, and can be found on the deck of the Gallery in the Old House. The Gallery is marked on the map, but if you don’t have the map, it is the room with the Spider Shadow puzzle in it. Go out on the deck of the room, and you will see the Burner Grip in the trash can.

The second part of the Burner, the burner nozzle, can be found in the Water Shed located outside the Dining Room area. The Burner Nozzle will be right in front of you, as you enter the shed.

Now that you have both the Burner parts, you can assemble it in your inventory. This weapon is very useful, as it burners down the bug nests, as well as the bugs, that Marguerite Baker controls. The weapon is essential for your fight against the crazy old woman.

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You can also craft ammo for the Burner, so you will always have Burner ammo at your disposal. Hopefully this guide helped you obtain all the Burner parts, and assemble the burner in Resident Evil 7.

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