Resident Evil 7: How To Get Unlimited Ammo Without Cheats Or Exploits

In the past, Capcom gave players a way to unlock unlimited ammo in Resident Evil games. You can now do the same in Resident Evil 7, but you will have to do a lot before unlocking the option.

First, you will have to complete the game on Normal mode. Once you have done that, you will unlock a new difficulty called the Madhouse difficulty. If you pre-ordered Resident Evil 7, you won’t have to beat the game on Normal Mode to unlock this difficulty, as the Madhouse difficulty will be unlocked for you by default.

Now that you have unlocked the Madhouse Mode, you have to beat the game on this mode to unlock the unlimited ammo option, and trust me, this difficulty is no walk in the park. The Madhouse difficulty will truly test your skills in Resident Evil 7.

The difficulty changes Resident Evil 7 drastically, and makes it a lot more difficult. While you play the normal mode, you can use cassette players to save your progress as much as you want, and whenever you want. However, in Madhouse mode, you can only use a cassette player once. On top of that, there are fewer checkpoints.

The enemies are twice as tough in Madhouse mode, compared to Easy mode and Normal mode. They hit harder, and are hard to take down. To make things worse, you do not regenerate health over time. Only items can help you regain your health.

That’s not all, the Madhouse difficulty has fewer items and weapon ammo. Herbs and other items are a very scarce resource in the Madhouse mode, so you will have to be very careful while playing the game. Also, item management is very important in this difficulty, as every bullet counts, and ever herb is important. To help with inventory management, and expanding your inventory, here’s a guide on how to find Backpacks in Resident Evil 7 to add more slots to your inventory.

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Once you have completed the game mode, you will be able to unlock the Unlimited Ammo option, and you can fire away at whatever you want.

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