Resident Evil 7: How To Solve The ‘Light The Birthday Cake’ Puzzle

Resident Evil 7 is full of puzzles that will keep you busy for ages. The game features several different puzzles, one of which is the birthday cake puzzle. This is one of the harder, yet fun, puzzles.

This guide will help you solve the Birthday Cake puzzle for the VHS Tape. This is a long process but the puzzle is a lot of fun to solve. You can go ahead and try it for yourself, however, if you are having a hard time solving the puzzle, this guide will help you solve it.

How To Solve The Birthday Cake Puzzle In Resident Evil 7:

When you are locked in the dark room, start off by taking the candle from the creepy doll in front of you. Once you have done that, turn around and go into the kitchen area. From the kitchen area, go to the room that has the cake in it. Walking into the room will trigger the water sprinklers, and your candle will go out.

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Now that the lights are on, go to the barrel located in the corner of the cake room, and remove Winding key from it. Oil will start pouring out of the barrel. Now that you have the Winding Key, go and insert it into the Doll that you saw earlier. After doing that, walk to the sink in the doll room and interact with it. After the text shows up on your screen, go to the toilet and flush it. This will make the water in the toilet bowl rise, and now you have to stick your hand into the dirty water, and pull out a dirty telescope.

Once you have the telescope, you have to clean it before you can use it. To clean it, just walk under the archway with the water sprinklers in it. Use your telescope to look through it and then stand under the water sprinklers. This will clean the telescope lens and now you can use it to find the next clue.

Once you have the clean telescope, you must go to the room with the screens on the wall. Look at the screens through the telescope, and they will reveal three different shapes needed to unlock a small box on the wall, in the cake room. Unlock the box, and pick up the straw doll inside.

Now that you have the straw doll, you must burn it. In order to do that, you have to go to the kitchen and burn the doll using the hob. Burning the straw doll will reveal the doll finger inside, now simply bring the finger to the creepy doll.

After you have done that, use the hob to light the candle again. Once you have done that, go to the room with the screens, and use the lit candle to burn the rope on the door. Enter the room with all the balloons and look for a deflated balloon next to the dresser.

Once you have the deflated balloon, go to the kitchen and interact with the pipe that is blowing air. The balloon will start inflating. After the balloon pops, you will find a quill pen inside. Take this pen to the doll, and wind it up.

The doll will give you the password you need to unlock the door in the Balloon room. Enter the password, and get the valve you need from inside the room. Now you can use the valve to stop the sprinklers from spraying water on you whenever you enter the Cake room. Once you turn off the sprinklers, use the hob to light the candle and put it on the birthday cake.

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Hopefully this guide made the Birthday cake puzzle easier for everyone who was having a hard time solving it.

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