Resident Evil 7 Will Allow Cross Saves Between Xbox One And PC

With Resident Evil 7 quickly approaching it’s release date of January 2017, we have now learned some new information about the game. The game will allow Cross Saves between the Xbox One and the Windows Store versions.

This news first appeared on Japanese website Dengeki Online, where an article was posted regarding the many features of the game. One such feature stated that the game would allow save file transfers between the Xbox One and the PC, but only apparently for the copies bought from the Windows Store. This was later confirmed as being a real feature when IGN reached out to the game’s publisher Capcom for a statement.

resident evil 7

The Cross Save functionality is something typically associated with Microsoft’s Play Anywhere feature, that allows players to buy digital games on one of the two platforms but be able to play it across both.

Last time we checked, Resident Evil 7 was not one of these Play Anywhere titles and the Cross Save feature would hardly make sense without it as it would require players to buy to separate copies on both the Xbox One and the PC. Hopefully Capcom will elaborate further before launch.

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Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is set to release on 24th January, 2017, for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and the PC.

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