Resident Evil 7 Will Feature First Person Combat, Might Have Gun-Play

Resident Evil 7 was recently unveiled at Sony’s E3 2016 Press Conference along with the launch of a demo that focuses on survival horror instead of combat, which the series is usually known for in the past. This seems like a rather strange move considering the history of the series, but as we later found out, the demo is entirely different from the main game and won’t be a part of it. Instead it was released to showcase the new direction of the series.

Resident Evil 7 producer Masachika Kawata has confirmed to GameSpot in an interview that combat will be a gameplay mechanic in the main game, compared to what we had in the demo.

One of the main gameplay elements that is not in [the demo] is, as you stated, combat. In the final game, of course, there will be many types of game mechanics including combat, perhaps some gun-play. One of the things I would like to emphasize about this is that it’s not always about going in guns blazing. It might actually be to your advantage to try to run away from combat at certain times, or use items against your enemies in a different way. This is to say that trying to survive the horror, the survival horror, is a key element to Resident Evil 7.

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He also confirmed the first person perspective for the main game and explained why they decided to go for first person experience compared to third person in the past Resident Evil games.

The final game is also entirely in first-person perspective. This is driven by the concept of Resident Evil 7, which is a return to horror. At this particular time in games, it was determined that first-person was the most advantageous way to present horror to the player. When confronting the enemy, there’s no barrier between you and the enemy. This also applies to exploration and gimmicks and traps and things like that. They felt that it really gets you up close and personal with everything, which adds to that horror element.

In addition to some of the returning elements, he confirmed the existence of the traditional herbs that can be used to heal our character in Resident Evil. According to Masachika Kawata, their aim with this new main game is to make the players look at it as something completely different from the previous Resident Evil games.

Resident Evil 7 will be released on January 24th, 2016 for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. It can be played entirely in PSVR although VR support for other platforms including PC hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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