Resident Evil 7 Will Be Set After 6, Features New Protagonist

Resident Evil 7 was revealed at E3 2016 with a twist. The latest entry in the popular Resident Evil series has been shifted to first person POV now, which is a massive departure from its original third person view. This is in addition to the full game being playable on the PlayStation VR.

Japanese magazine Famitsu recently interviewed the game director Nakanishi Koushi and producer Kawada Massao regarding their work on Resident Evil 7.

We learn from the interview that the development of the game began in February 2014. Capcom had to build their own in-house engine for the game which they have called RE engine. This engine also has features implemented for VR support and Resident Evil 7 is the first game that will be released with it.

Resident Evil 7 producer Kawada Massao talked about the story for Resident Evil 7, confirming that it will be set after the events in Resident Evil 6.

I can’t go in-depth at this time, all I will say is that it is set after the events of Resident Evil 6.
We all decided to go back to its roots to design a “complete horror experience”, although, we wanted to show the weakness of the main character being your average person who is thrown into this nightmare not knowing what to do or what lies ahead, that is the main concept of this game.

A true horror experience needs the feeling of utter desperation, and as I’m saying this, I’m saying more than I should haha.

resident-evil-7-new (4)

While Resident Evil 7 looks completely out of focus for the series, the game director Nakanishi Koushi assures fans that it will provide the same Resident Evil experience.

The game has evolved over the years, what with the change in camera angle/gameplay like RE4 and of course in RE7 and also the zapping system in RE2. We like to keep the games faithful to the story and series, but we also like to challenge new ideas and implement them into the latest games in the series.
Resident Evil wouldn’t be Resident Evil if we didn’t challenge ourselves and put in new interesting ideas, but the heart and atmosphere will remain true to the Resident Evil series.

We wanted the series core fan base to have the same feelings they did in their favourite games of the series, taking every step slowly as anything could be round the corner ready to increase their heart rate to high levels.
There are no battles in the teaser demo but we still created it with fans thinking “Now this is the Resident Evil I love!!”

Resident Evil 7 is currently confirmed for PC, PS4 and Xbox One and set to launch on January 24th, 2017. You can download a short teaser of the game from the PlayStation Store that is set before the events in Resident Evil 7 and gives a glimpse of what to expect from the final game.

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