Resident Evil 8 May Be Revealed During Sony PS5 Reveal; Insider Says

Rumors regarding Capcom’s next Resident Evil installment has been flying around lately, according to new report the Resident Evil 8 may be revealed along side Sony PS5 reveal. Early this year words on the street revealed that Capcom is trying to keep the series with its first-person camera for the next mainline game.

As you already know Sony planned to host the PS5 reveal last week, due to the crisis going on in the U.S, it was postponed, for now no comment or word from Sony for PS5 reveal re-scheduled date.

However, Recent rumors suggest that the event will take place as early as next week, but this hasn’t been confirmed in any way. The PS5 reveal event, will focus on games coming to Sony’s next-gen console, and if the words of the well known insider Dusk Golem are accurate Resident Evil 8 will be revealed as well in the event.

“I’m like 99% sure now RE8 is at the PS5 reveal event”, Dusk Golem tweeted recently. “As others noticed, all the RE games went on sale yesterday, & RE7 in particular went on the deepest discount it’s EVER had by a long shot, around the same time the PS5 reveal event was supposed to happen yesterday. So yeah.”

Recently, Dusk Golem said that a new Silent Hill will be revealed during Sony’s PS5 event as well.

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Capcom hasn’t confirmed that Resident Evil 8 is actually in development so take this news with a pinch of salt. We’ll update you all as soon we get more information regarding the Sony PS5 reveal. Stay tuned!

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