Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review (PS4)

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is a breath of fresh air for the series after the disappointing Resident Evil 6. The game focuses on the story of Claire Redfield and Moira Burton, who are abducted by an unknown organization during the game’s opening moment. They wake up in a prison facility with a strange bracelet attached to their hands. The story has a sense of mystery surrounding it and slowly, the game begins to open up to the players as they progress ahead.

Despite the game opening with Claire Redfield and Moira Burton, these are not the only two characters in the game. Each episode is divided into two different segments. One segment deals with the story of Claire and Moira, and it is set about 6 months prior to the events in the second segment. The second segment stars Barry Burton and Natalia Kordo, and the events are set about 6 months after the first segment. This create an interesting dynamic where players are slowly treated with a story that is perhaps the best one yet since Resident Evil 5.

The gameplay is also different for each of the sub-character. While Barry and Claire can kick some serious ass with their weapons, Natalia and Moira are restricted in term of combat. Natalia can only use bricks and can help Barry locate the critical spots of enemies or some of the invisible enemies. Meanwhile Moira Burton has a melee attack with crowbar that can stun enemies, and she can also use her Flashlight to point and blind enemies resulting in a stun. Both have also unique way to access locations, Moira being able to open doors using Crowbar and Natalia being able to crawl into holes for new locations.


Resident Evil Revelations 2 still keeps most of the stuff from Resident Evil 5, including the ability to play offline co-op with a friend and the ability to execute melee moves after stunning enemies. It, however, attempts to add some depth to the gameplay by letting the players search for custom parts that allow them to improve the parameters of their weapons. These custom parts are hidden all over the game’s four episodes. There are also some “rare” custom parts that require you to reach some hidden locations.

In addition to the custom parts, players can also purchase new skills or upgrade some of their existing abilities by utilizing the in-game points. These points are rewarded at the end of each campaign and can be gained through various means, by either executing some of the in-game goals, or locating hidden treasures.

The best part of Resident Evil Revelations 2 is arguably its main campaign. The story might not be the best part, but the mission structure, the enemy design and the integration of offline co-op is really well done this time around. It manages to create an experience that is both fun to complete, and challenging to tackle. The game’s default normal difficulty doesn’t pose much of a challenge, but its Survival difficulty can truly shine with the limited ammo and hard hitting enemies.


There aren’t many boss fights in the game save for a few, but the ones that are in the game are well designed boss fights. They are fun to play and figure out the first time around. The game doesn’t limit your options for a boss fight, so it is hard to lose ammo unless you are playing Survival or No Escape difficulty mode. It is highly recommended to start the game on Survival difficulty if you are a die-hard Resident Evil fan.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 has a rather short campaign. It took us more than 6 hours to finish the game on Survival difficulty in co-op. This shouldn’t be considered as a bad sign though, as the game has a lot of replay value compared to its price. After finishing the game, the players can try their hand at the No Escape difficulty mode. There are also two different modes for each of the episode, Invisible and Speedrun Mode. Both of these can be unlocked by finishing the episodes and then purchasing them from the extras menu using in-game points.


In term of replay value, the game has plenty to offer. As detailed above, there are multiple difficulties and some of them have an interesting twist added to them i.e Invisible Mode makes the enemies invisible to the players, resulting in a much more challenging difficulty. There is also the Raid mode which offers offline and online co-op and has unlimited replay value. If you still need more, there are two extra episodes aside from the main campaign that reveal more about some of the back story from the game. If you are still not satisfied, you can work your way to unlocking some of the secret weapons like the Chicago Typewriter from Resident Evil 4 and the Bowgun. All of these have some certain requirements that require you to play through the game again.

Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review (PS4)


Resident Evil Revelations 2 is, without a doubt, the best modern Resident Evil yet. It has a perfect bland of action and survival horror gameplay, and one of the best implementation of co-op since Resident Evil 5. The short and focused campaign is a fun experience and the episodes are designed in a way that allows for multiple playthroughs. There are also plenty of secrets hidden throughout each episode, which should increase the replay value.


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